After School Kids Programs

After School Kids Programs (per semester)

  • Weekday Afterschool Program (WAP) 
  • Saturday Afternoon Program (SAP)

Our After School sessions run from Tuesday to Saturday every week. During each of the sessions we offer, kids learn English and use their imaginations to create their own art and play. We would like kids to feel relaxed and safe when they learn English through various activities and subject learning (math, science, baking, social studies, PE time etc.). Joy and play are definitely part of the curriculum. Basically we would like to offer sessions based on what the kids want and what they need. We believe that teaching them to think for themselves and helping them to be critical to what they are learning is also very important.

The schedule and time is absolutely flexible for parents to arrange along with other clubs and “juku” activities. However, we see best results when kids come to the studio regularly and it would be a great chance to experience fun and fulfilling afternoons after school.

Besides group sessions, we also provide private sessions for individual needs. We encourage parents to make time to come visit the studio, and we would be very happy to take time to talk to the parents and design the sessions based on each child’s needs.

We welcome any enquiries and feedback in relation to our sessions, methods or anything need to be discussed. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or fill in the contact form. We will endeavor to get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you and speaking to you soon.

WAP & SAP Program & Schedule

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After School Programs in Japanese, please click the link below:
Weekday Afterschool Program (WAP) & Saturday Afternoon Program (SAP)

Studio information

This studio is a warm, playful and mindful place for people of all ages. At the moment, we provide sessions for adults, teens and kids. All sessions have been running successfully since we started and we appreciate those who have shared their love to the studio and their values with us. We are located in a quiet area, near the Yasukuni Shrine and between Ichigaya and Kudanshita.

Director of Ani’s Place

Hello, I’m Anita Koike. I’m a teacher, a writer, and an inspirationist. I spent my childhood in Taiwan and half of my teens in Japan. After completing my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, I spent most of my twenties in England and Europe. I love traveling and it is so inspiring. After completing my Master degree in English education in England, I started working as a teacher in Japan in 2001, and have been working for several universities since then. I also had some business working experiences in a PR agency and a language training company, which gave me a richer and rather unique experience to add to my teaching career. Teaching is one of my passions and I love being with kids, communicating with people and sharing thoughts. It is very rewarding. My first book was published in 2013 and I established My Life Collage Studio in 2015, which both of them were in my wish list in 2011. I am very proud of this studio. It is small but full of love and playful ideas, which certainly is a place that I wanted to create, offer, and hope to connect with more people and moments that matter.

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